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Thoughts from the "Old Guard" (click here to read)


Welcome to our website and to this unique BLOG feature. Here is where we can provide you with new information as well as our thoughts and opinions about "hot topics" in health care. Each of our staff members can add a blog and then you, as our "tech savvy" patients and friends can "chime in" with a question or thought of your own. 

This edition is mine to give you my perspective as the senior partner, of some of my thoughts and background about our practice. As most of you know, we are a family practice. Even though I am the current "senior partner" (and they call me this because it is polite code for "the old guy"), I am not the oldest Dr. Edmonds. My dad is the first optometrist in the family and started us all on this life long path. 

My dad practiced in Sunbury, Pennsylvania after moving us from our roots in Erie. (where winter is more that a season, it is lifestyle). When I graduated in 1980, the plan was to head back home. But, life sometimes throws you a curve when you are expecting a fastball. I met my, soon to be wife, at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry and she was two years behind me in the program. That meant hanging around Philly for another two years. I joined the McDonald Eye Associates, a unique group of ophthalmogists, based at Lankenau Hospital with strong ties to Wills Eye Hospital. I learned a completely new way that optometrists could work together with ophthalmologists and help our patients see better and function at a much higher level in spite of terrible ocular disease.

Dr. Susan graduated in 1982 and joined me in the new arena of hospital based optometry and founded the Wills Eye Hospital Low Vision Service. We joined our practices in 1985 and started to build the Edmonds Eye Associates group that you will find today!

Our sons were heavily influenced by our commitment for our patients and our profession so it is no surprise that they are following the family tradition. Dr. Ryan graduated in 2010 and after a year of practice in rural Alaska, he came back to join the family team. He learned a lot about practicng optometry in a unique setting and caring for patients with unique visual needs. He has brought theses unique doctoring skills back to Philadelphia and has added expertise in specialty contact lenses and low vision to round out his clinical skill set. 

Chad is our younger son and is currently a student at the Pennsylvania College of Optometry at Salus University. The school is in Elkins Park and Chad has been able to help in many areas of our practice development. Chad is our "tech savvy" family member and has developed most of the website that you are  viewing. We expect to see many new technological advancements in the practice as he gets closer to graduation. You can expect to see him in the clinic in the summer or 2017. Thanks Chad, for moving us on the the information superhighway! 

Thanks for reading this and being a friend and patient of Edmonds Eye Associates. Feel free to comment, ask a question or just say "hello". 



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