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When is an eye exam not an eye exam?

There are all types eye exams available today. When you get a physical, the nurse will have you read an eye chart. If you vision is good, you passed your "eye exam". You can go online and answer a few questions and read a chart. Your computer just gave you an "eye exam". While you are at the pharmacy getting  Chiclets, you can stop at the Kiosk and look in a machine and also get an "eye exam".  But who actually is "examining" your eyes and why? If the "who" is not and eye doctor and the "why" is to get a glasses prescription then you have not had a medical eye examination. You have had an eye test, a refraction or perhaps a eye screening.

At the Edmonds Group family of eye care locations,  the eye examination is a specialty medical examination. The optometrist is evaluating your eyes and visual system in the context of your overall health and well being. Your family history, social history and vital signs are all important first step to vision testing, functional testing an a through inspection of all of the ocular tissues using eye drops, microscopes, lens systems and computer technology. 

At the end of the our eye examination, you not only have a glasses or contact lens RX, you have an assessment of your ocular health and your general health. You will know your risk factors for developing problems as a strategy to avoid them. 

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