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Sanet Vision Integrator

Using a 50″ touch screen monitor, the SVI is designed to improve visual abilities for a wide range of patients with visually-related learning problems, strabismus, amblyopia, and traumatic brain injury. It is also very effective for sports vision enhancement work with athletes. The key features that make this “all in one” instrument so useful are the variety of programs and many ways that visual abilities can be enhanced. The programmable instrument incorporates features of a saccadic trainer, virtual rotator, tachistoscope and programmable metronome. The SVI instrument actually “speaks”, instructing the patient to respond to verbal commands, improving auditory-visual integration and memory. The SVI can be used to enhance the following visual abilities: Pursuits, saccades, fixation stability, eye-hand coordination, visual reaction time, speed and span of recognition, automaticity, and contrast sensitivity, plus visual and auditory sequencing and memory. In addition it is extremely effective when working with visual acuity improvement in patients with amblyopia, ABI patients with visual field loss, visual-spatial neglect, and visual-vestibular integration problems, and with patients with rhythm, reading and math problems.

Vision Therapy 4 system

The New Computer Orthoptics Liquid Crystal Automated Vision Therapy System

Therapy Procedures Include:

· Smooth Vergence
· Rotations
· Jump Ductions
· Multiple Choice Vergence
· Accommodative Rock
· Pursuits
· Saccades
· Visual Memory
· Cheiroscope
· Amblyopia

Diagnostic Tests Include:

· Phoria
· Fusional Ranges
· Accommodative Facility
· Pursuits
· Saccades
· Worth 4 Dot
· Motor Field
· Fixation Disparity
· Visual Memory
· Aniseikonia